The Gilbert Slomowitz Foundation
Gilbert Slomowitz Foundation Scholarship FAQs
Please note that the scholarship program is not active at this time. This notice will be removed when the program is reactivated. Feel free to monitor the status of the program at this site.
Question:  Who can apply for a Gilbert Slomowitz Foundation Scholarship? 

Anyone can apply who has a genuine need for financial assistance. The GSF does not reject any valid request. However, there is no guarantee that the GSF will be able to provide the funds you need to learn TM. Please read the question below that describes how much the GSF pays.

Keep in mind that the GSF Scholarship program is not designed for people who have the means to pay the full course fee, but are simply looking for a discount. The Foundation has limited funds and we want to use them for those people who truly need this assistance. If you have the means to pay the entire course fee, please do not apply – allow someone with a greater need to benefit from this program.



 How do I go about applying for a scholarship?


1. Select “Programs” from the GSF web site main menu and then select “Scholarships” from the Programs menu.

2. The “Scholarship Program” page describes the program and provides a link to download the application form for the Gilbert Slomowitz Scholarship.

3. Complete the Scholarship Application form. In the form, you will be asked to agree to two important requirements.


a) Your answers are complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

b) You will commit the necessary time to ensure the success of the program.


When you are finished, scan and email the completed form to the Foundation. You can also send the completed form to the Foundation at the following address:

Gilbert Slomowitz Foundation, Inc.

Attn: Scholarship Application Form

14800 Seneca Road

Darnestown, MD 20874

Find the TM Center closest to your home and take your completed form with you. You can identify your local center at Provide it to the TM Instructor before you sign up for a course. Ask the TM Instructor to contact the Foundation so that we can complete the review process. We will discuss your situation with the TM Teacher.



 How does the Foundation determine who gets a Scholarship?


The Scholarship is awarded based on the following requirements:

1. A genuine need for financial assistance. This is addressed by the answers you provide on the application form, by information you provide to the local TM Center and by any other information you may provide to substantiate your financial need.

2. A commitment to invest the necessary time to ensure the success of the program.

3. The availability of a local TM Center and/or TM Instructor within reasonable travel distance of your city.

4. No issues that might compromise your success with the TM Program.



 When will I know if I am selected?


The Foundation works through the local Centers, so generally, you will be notified by the TM Instructor of the total amount of funds being made available to you, including those coming from the GSF.

However, in some cases, the Foundation may contact you directly to let you know. If you have questions, you should contact your local TM Center, the Foundation or both.



 How much does the Foundation pay?


The Foundation will pay a portion of the fee for learning TM. This will vary depending on the your need, the amount of funding that is available at the time of your application and the amount of funding you are able to obtain through other sources. We receive a lot of applications, and we try to help as many people as possible but we can't provide everything to everyone.

We suggest that you identify all your potential sources of funding before applying for a Foundation Scholarship. Some TM Centers have a local program for financial assistance. Perhaps your family or friends can provide some support. You should make an effort to provide something from your own resources. And the Foundation will help as well. Through the combination of these resources we hope that you will be able to meet the course fee and learn TM.